CF Systems is hosting a series of seminars this autumn, addressing the growing threat of cyber crime.

Unfortunately, the chances of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime are high. 74% of small businesses in the UK suffered an attack in 2015 and companies in the south west are increasingly being targeted.

Cyber criminals no longer simply target the high street names we are all used to reading about, businesses in Cornwall and Devon are suffering from various cyber attacks that are costing them time and money and, in some cases, putting their existence at risk.

Understanding the risks, recognising the threats and knowing how to mitigate the dangers that cyber crime presents has become fundamental for successful businesses.

The free-to-attend Cyber Security seminars when we will take you through the essentials of cyber security covering what type of attacks businesses are most likely to suffer; how social engineering techniques have become the greatest threat; what to look for and how to train your teams.

The first seminar will be held in Penzance on Friday, November 4, followed by further dates in Plymouth (Nov 8), Bodmin (Nov 9) and Truro (Nov 16).

For further details and to book a place, click here.


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