FBC moves to Greenbank


Networking has become ubiquitous in Cornwall with new groups regularly springing up across the Duchy. FBC (Falmouth Business Club)  has been putting people together for 5 years with a heritage that precedes that.

In the light of increasing competition, FBC commissioned PFA Research to survey their contacts list which includes those who attend the meetings now, have done so in the past or who have expressed an interest. The results have been published and now changes are being made to ensure the longevity of the Club.

September sees FBC move to the Greenbank Hotel’s new pub, The Working Boat. On Thursday September 3rd at 7.30am, Nick Hodges, Head Chef at the Greenbank Hotel, will be the first speaker at the new venue.

Greenbank Hotel
Greenbank Hotel

Andy Coote, one of the founders of the network, said: “The opportunity to become part of this new space in Falmouth’s prestigious Greenbank Hotel was one we were quick to recognise would be a good way to show how we are listening and changing with our members wishes.”

Ben Young, general manager at the hotel, added: “I’ve known the Falmouth Business Club for several years and like what they do. Their presence in the Working Boat on Thursday mornings will be a positive benefit for the Hotel. We intend to work closely with the Club and to help them develop further.”

FBC has been operating as an independent Club since 2010. There are no membership fees and members are free to attend as often as they are able, paying a fee for meetings they attend which covers the cost of breakfast and supports the Club.

Meetings take place over breakfast with speakers on mostly business-related topics and discussions tapping into the expertise of those around the tables. Whatever your business stage – from start-ups to experienced, established businesses, there is something at Falmouth Business Club for you.


  1. I have been a ‘member’ of the club since its inaugural meeting, and before when it was part of the old Business League, and have enjoyed attending every meeting since. The camaraderie, friendliness and the way everyone goes out of their way to help if you come across a problem I find is great. I recommend all businesses ‘pop’ along when you can, you will experience a warm welcome – and of course a good breakfast! Give us a try. We look forward to meeting you.

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