Cornish Company to Launch Exciting New Website


“Ashes and Sparks exists to enable us to express our views clearly and them to listen more closely”

A new system of analysis has been invented and developed that will give organisations and companies no excuse for not having and maintaining the relationships needed for a good reputation, whatever the economic climate.By looking into people’s opinions, ashes and sparks, being launched next  month, will provide clients with data that they can use to build the relationships that they need to succeed, whether they are in the private, public or charity sectors.

It will also provide a powerful vehicle for those individuals who want to influence the way that organisations and companies behave.

Ashes and sparks is the brainchild of Sue Wolstenholme, at Ashley PR, who has been studying, teaching and practising reputation management for over thirty years.

Explaining how the system works Sue said: ”If you want a good reputation you have to be responsive to those whose opinions matter to you. Until now it has not been easy to discover what those opinions are, other than from the few making the loud headlines.  By listening to how people view, see and hear the news about them and the things that matter to them, organisations can improve their business attitude and make better informed and more appropriate decisions.

With the growth in media channels and audience participation in content creation, we are facing a time when public opinion is everywhere but it is dissipated and difficult to pull together to use constructively or to be properly taken account of.”

Until now, PR practitioners have been mainly dependent upon opinion polling and media measurement, often even erroneously allocating advertising equivalents to the news coverage that they secure, regardless of its effect.

As Sue added: “Everyone has the freedom to express opinions through personal blogs, news forums, phone ins, discussion boards and a range of similar services. However, capturing their views to make a difference is a huge task and even though the voices might be getting louder or more numerous they are still too scattered to be heard clearly enough by those who might do something valuable for them.

Charities, businesses, politicians and others have a duty to listen to public opinion and act responsibly to take real account of it.“

The new site has been developed by Cornwall based web development agency, UKNetWeb, a company that focuses heavily on the technical development of more abstract web based systems and applications.

Project and Account Manager, Aren Grimshaw, commented:

“Although the system itself appears quite simple to the user the real sophistication takes place within the back-end database. The key was to ensure that both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the research could be collected and catalogued in a way that would be easy for analysts to read emerging trends and opinion.”

Ashes and sparks can be found, as a beta site, at and only by people joining and joining in will they begin to make a difference and tell us the true impact of news.

For further information please contact Sue Wolstenholme on 01579 370991

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