Taking timebanking to another level


American charity TimeBanks.Org has chosen Truro-based Made Open to replace its ‘timebanking’ software.

Timebanking is a reciprocal service that uses units of time as currency. Timebank members earn credit in Time Dollars for each hour they spend helping other members of the community.

Home to one of the biggest timebanking collectives in the world, ‘Community Weaver 3’ is well-known web software supporting over 100 neighbourly timebanks.

Last year, TimeBanks.Org invited Made Open to replace Community Weaver 3 with its community building software. One year later, it has launched phase 1 of this project which will help the global timebanking movement to grow and thrive.

Made Open’s software will provide a better user experience to these 100+ timebanks, and enable TimeBanks.Org to create many hundreds of new platforms around the world.

Speaking about this project, Made Open co-founder and CEO, Robert Woolf, said: “This has been an exciting and significant development for Made Open. We have incorporated many of the features that timebankers value from Community Weaver 3, added new admin controls to help TimeBanks.Org create new online timebanks, and replaced their main website with new content and functionality where members of their global timebanking community can engage and connect.”

Explaining the concept, Krista Wyatt, CEO of TimeBanks.Org, said: “Imagine how beautiful it would be to have a timebank in every community. A grandfather sharing his stories instead of feeling alone. A mother securing that job because someone helped improve her resume. A son or daughter learning their favourite song with the help of a musician.

“Made Open’s software is the tool to make these connections possible. Our members can exchange credits with anyone in a connected neighbourhood timebank.”