An Argentine climate tech company has expanded to the UK and set up a base at Newquay Aerohub.

Uali specialises in using AI technology and robotics in tandem with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to survey wind turbines and analyse gas and oil emissions.

Uali is looking to utilise Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s testing capabilities, alongside business support and R&D funding opportunities.

With five airfields available for testing, Cornwall provides a unique R&D and testing environment with direct access to the sea, uncongested airspace and low residential build-up.

Uali also plans to use its tech to overlay satellite data, offering valuable insight to the space sector, alongside benefits such as deployment and delivery time savings.

CEO and founder, Ian Bogado, said: “Bureaucracy and pace made our Spanish operations more difficult than expected. With the testing facilities, R&D opportunities, funding and support available in Cornwall, we believe our new HQ is the key to developing our company at an international level.”

Gail Eastaugh, director of Cornwall Space Cluster, added: “Uali will bolster Cornwall’s UAV testing capabilities not only through innovation, but through their interest in nurturing strategic alliances with local universities and training centres.

“They bring with them further employment opportunities, economic advancements, and contributions to bridging the UK’s digital skills gap. We look forward to seeing Uali succeed in the UK’s space sector.”