Games studio debuts on Switch


An indie games studio from Falmouth University’s Launchpad is releasing its first game on the Nintendo Switch.

Studio Somewhere, founded by Cameron Shackleton, Adam Westerman and Ryan Thornhill Smith, has been approved by Nintendo to release Bonito Days on the Nintendo Switch.

Shackleton said:We are very happy to be given the opportunity to release Bonito Days on the Nintendo Switch. When we started designing Bonito Days we did so with the Switch in mind so getting the green-light from Nintendo gives us confidence that we understand the platform and its market.

“Outside of Bonito Days this is a huge confidence boost for the company as we have been given access to development information about the Switch. To us, this shows that Nintendo is not only satisfied with our work but also us, as a company, since they are willing to share information.”

Studio Somewhere hope to release the game in July.