Jarrang on the list to exit lockdown


One of Cornwall’s leading digital businesses has launched a data collection product to help businesses in the hospitality sector open safely, in a Covid-secure and GDPR-compliant way.

Email marketing agency Jarrang has been helping businesses collect and manage their data for over 17 years. It has applied this experience to launch On The List, a simple and effective system to support the safe reopening of the hospitality industry as part of the Covid-19 response.

“We’ve got a number of customers running hospitality businesses who have been asking us the best way to collect and store data in accordance with Government requirements for re-opening,” said MD Stafford Sumner.

“Pubs, cafes, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses are being asked to keep a temporary record of their customers and visitors for 21 days to assist NHS Test & Trace in case of further outbreaks of Covid-19.

“While some venues have booking or reservation systems they can use to do this, thousands of businesses don’t and are rightly concerned about how they collect and store the data in a way that’s both Covid-secure and GDPR compliant.

On The List, is web-based, configured for use on phone, tablet or desktop computer, and allows venues to easily collect and store data in a way that complies with both the NHS Test & Trace requirements and GDPR.

“Guests can also give their consent to be added to the venues’ email marketing database if they wish,” added Sumner, “which brings enhanced revenue generating opportunities to the businesses.”

Jarrang creates a secure page for each venue, which collects data to ensure they are Covid secure, compliant with the latest data collection requirements from the Government as well as being GDPR-compliant. The data submitted through the form is automatically time and date stamped in accordance with NHS Test & Trace requirements.

Guests’ details are recorded by venue staff using an electronic device, which can be easily cleaned with antibacterial wipes between uses when necessary. The technology supports multiple visits from returning customers and auto-deletion of data after 21 days as legally required. For those guests consenting to ongoing marketing, this data is held in a separate database for future use.