Wildanet is offering Cornish businesses free Internet as they recover from the impact of coronavirus.

As the UK slowly emerges from lockdown, Cornish businesses are looking ahead to how they will adapt as restrictions are relaxed.

Redruth-based Internet provider, Wildanet, is offering free installations and three months of free broadband as a helping hand while navigating through a post-COVID-19 landscape.

Wildanet CEO Ian Calvert said: “Many businesses in Cornwall have suffered greatly as a result of the coronavirus, but we’ve seen people coming together like never before to support one another through what remains a very difficult time. Wildanet is happy to be able to lend a hand in any way we can.

“It’s likely to take significant time for some businesses to recover, and our aim is to ease the pressure, offering guaranteed superfast broadband, with no payments in the first three months and no installation costs when they come onto contract with us.”

Wildanet’s independent broadband service does not rely on the cabling that the majority of broadband is delivered through. Instead, wireless broadband is delivered at guaranteed speeds to a receiver on the business’ premises.

“As we’re positioned in the heart of Cornwall, we have felt, first-hand, the issues that many Cornish businesses face with inadequate broadband provisions,” Calvert added.

“Businesses that are based in remote areas, or in clusters where the strain on the existing infrastructure is greater, are at a huge disadvantage and many are now reaching out to us as an alternative solution.

“Throughout the lockdown period, it’s become even more apparent that almost all businesses need access to a reliable Internet connection in order to function, whether it’s keeping in touch with co-workers while remote working, staying on top of books and payroll, or being able to operate an online business.

“Superfast broadband for Cornish businesses should be seen as a necessity, not a luxury, and we’re here for any business, should they require us, during this time of uncertainty.”