As you might have heard, we are massive fans of 3CX VoIP phone systems. Not only do they offer huge cost savings, but they also provide the ability to facilitate and promote remote working for employees.

As a forward-thinking company, at NCI we want to provide a flexible working environment and to enable our employees to work remotely. This helps retain our talented staff, cuts down on commuting and allows people to focus on their work.

We have several employees who work for us across different departments that find the flexibility of a 3CX phone system an advantage for helping them to be productive in performing their role for NCI while not based in our Penryn office.

Don’t simply take our word for it but read what our staff really have to say about the future of telecoms:

Joanna – Marketing and Design Manager

“I’ve worked for NCI for four years and really enjoy my varied role. So, when I had to relocate due to my husband’s work, I was happy that the remote technologies available, especially 3CX, allowed me to take my job with me.

“Even though I work from a base in London my 3CX softphone enables me to still be reached through my office extension wherever I have an internet connection as calls are made through the web. This means regardless of my location I’m still connected to the office and I’m able to access a directory of phone lines and see who is available or in meetings. 3CX has also negated the need for a work mobile phone, my 3CX softphone simply functions on my desktop computer with versions available for use on Web, Mac or Windows.

“3CX browser-based video conferencing has enabled our team to continue our face-to-face marketing meetings, maintaining our strong relationship and keeping campaign communications clear.  The ability to share my screen with other users enables me to communicate ideas clearly and effectively, being able to see initial reactions first hand.”

James – Service Desk Supervisor

“Inevitably there are times when unpredictable events such as adverse weather conditions, family emergencies and car issues mean it is necessary for me to work from home. Instead of having to take time off 3CX allows me to continue to work from home, providing IT support to NCI’s customers and not leaving our help desk short of an engineer.

“The 3CX phone system behaves just as it would as if I was in the office, allowing me to dial both internally and externally. Using my 3CX softphone on my desktop at home means I do not incur costs myself as I avoid having to make calls using my personal phone line or a mobile.

“3CX also allows for call recording whether you are based in the office or working from home and integrates with leading CRM and helpdesk packages. Working in a customer facing role this is beneficial for maintaining customer satisfaction, capturing missed or forgotten details and employee training.”

James – Sales Executive

“As a sales executive I spend a lot of time on the phone and 3CX gives me the ability to work wherever I am using any device while on the road meeting clients.

“When I am in the office, I have both a desk phone and a softphone so that I can quickly grab an incoming call on the desk phone, but if I need to, I can use the softphone to take longer calls without having to prop a phone between my ear and shoulder as I can simply use my headset instead.

“If I am out of the office between meetings, I can use the mobile client, available for both Android and iOS apps. This enables me to still be a productive member of the sales department allowing me to never miss a call, working as if I am in the office with the rest of the NCI team.”

For more information on how 3CX telephone systems can boost your business productivity, encourage remote working, cut call costs and keep your talented staff happy contact NCI’s friendly sales team. Make the right call for your telecoms communication solutions and choose NCI Technologies.