NCI Technologies is supporting a crowdfunding campaign for local charity CLEAR which supports people of all ages who have been impacted by abuse and other emotional trauma.

CLEAR is currently trying to raise money to introduce a Peer Support Programme into Cornish schools. NCI helped the quest by raising £100 through the sale of preloved computer screens.

“We are delighted that our IT partners, NCI, have supported our crowdfunding campaign so generously,” said Carolyn Webster, CEO of CLEAR.

NCI sales manager, James Scott, added: “The team at NCI are thrilled that we could provide a contribution towards such a valuable project from funds raised by giving computer equipment a second life.

“We look forward to hearing about the benefits of CLEAR’s Peer Support Programme once in action.”

If you would like to support CLEAR’s Crowdfund campaign with Aviva Community Fund, donations can be made here.