New Mutu membership site

Wendy Powell

A Cornish business has developed a new online programme to help mums “mend” their post-baby bodies.

Women who experience body issues after giving birth, such as a weak core or pelvic floor, can now gain access to specialist guidance through an updated, medically-approved online exercise programme specifically designed to heal their post-baby bodies.

The new membership site is being delivered by Mutu System, which since being launched in 2010 by Wendy Powell has more than 40,000 members worldwide.

Powell said: Not only does the new membership site have a totally new look, with stunning real-time workout videos representing real healthy women of all body types, but we’ve added more incredible added-value features that we know will help our members stay on track and add to their enjoyment and success with the programme.

“Mutu System has already helped tens of thousands of women worldwide to restore their bodies and their confidence. We’re now excited to launch the latest programme, which will support many thousands more through their journey.”