Visitors staying at an historic private club in London can now enjoy an all-in-one web TV service, thanks to a Cornish communications company.

Truro-based Orbiss fitted more than 80 rooms in the Royal Over-seas League (ROSL) with Ethernet connectivity over the existing coaxial cabling – allowing guests to enjoy high definition television channels while also being able to access their own digital networks. Since there was no new cabling infrastructure, there was no major disruption.

To achieve the project, Orbiss worked in partnership with Teleste and Samsung Electronics – two major global corporations who jointly created the product.

“It’s been a real privilege to work with Teleste and Samsung on this high profile, ground-breaking hospitality solution,” said Orbiss director, Karen McGowan.

“The cable modems were readily built into the TV sets so there was no need to install any additional hardware. It’s a real step forward for the hotel industry.”

Orbiss has been working with more than 2,000 hotel and business customers throughout the UK and Europe for over 35 years.