Helping disabled and elderly online


For the mature and disabled, life can sometimes feel like a long stretch of solitary confinement – but it needn’t be that way.

If today’s young and able-bodied can live much of their lives via computers, tablets and smartphones, why shouldn’t the less mobile do the same?

This is the reasoning which has inspired Sandy Dale of Porthtowan to reach out and reconnect people with their families, friends and communities, despite their limited mobility.

Throughout Cornwall, Dale visits clients in their own homes to teach them how to use their tablets, laptops or other devices to interact with the world outside.

With careers as an administrator and a registered nurse behind her, Dale brings over 30 years of IT experience together with a positive and patient approach to teaching

Her business, Sandy’s Solutions, started in 2012 when she needed to find a new career due to health issues. “I had a stroke 17 years ago and found I was unable to handle my previous occupation,” she explained, “but one thing I didn’t lose was my understanding of IT.”

She describes her role as “empowering” the mature and disabled. Through social networks, Skype, email and many other opportunities for online communication, she opens up the possibility of regular contact with family and friends, old and new, wherever they are in the world. She can also teach them to shop, bank and be an active member of society, all via a keyboard.