Business centre in the fast lane


Tenants at the Penstraze Business Centre are now enjoying some of the fastest broadband speeds in Cornwall.

The business centre, just outside Truro, claims to be the first such facility in the surrounding area to provide tenants with the fastest uncontended broadband connection.

Mike Clarkson, owner of the work space, said: “We believe the service we provide is faster and more stable than the fibre optic broadband currently being installed in Cornwall.

“What we know is that we can provide each of our business unit’s access to a 100Mbps broadband connection symmetrically—on the upload and on the download – and that’s a real advantage.

“Unlike other products, it’s an uncontended internet connection, which means our tenants don’t share bandwidth with anyone. This makes it perfect for high definition video-conferencing and making use of the cloud technologies that are the future of business communications.”

ITV West Country is one of the newer tenants attracted to Penstraze because of its broadband service. Richard Elsom said: “We had been looking for quite a while for a location in Cornwall which could provide us with the bandwidth we require for streaming our edited filming to our headquarters in Bristol. When we found Penstraze Business Centre, it ticked all the boxes.”


  1. The three Innovation Centres in Cornwall have been delivering non contended at this level for some time.

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