ABG Luxembourg project


As part of its ongoing work with the University of Luxembourg, ABG Design has created a brand identity for the new Luxembourg Learning Centre.

Besides offering classical library services, the Luxembourg Learning Centre offers a state-of-the-art learning environment for students and for the general public.

Users benefit from a digitally-enhanced learning experience covering a large variety of learning settings, from individual workspaces through to interactive and virtual classrooms for larger groups of students, who can be either on-site or connected via the Internet.

ABG Design MD, Howard Miles, said: “The Learning Centre is a very important addition to the University of Luxembourg Belval Campus and showcases the university’s commitment to collaboration, technology, infrastructure and resources for students and the general public.

“The new brand identity demonstrates this collaborative approach through overlapping circles and we are really proud of the end result. It was great to see the animated logo sequence playing across the large HD screens when I walked into the building, it looked very impressive.”