NATO training for Cornish PR

Spanish Army officer, Lt Col Santiago Gimeno in a mock radio interview with Tim Bowcock

A Cornish businessman has just returned from a military exercise in Spain training NATO officers how to work with the media in conflict zones.

Tim Bowcock, who is the managing director of local PR company Black Cat, spent ten days at NATO’s Joint Headquarters in Madrid for the event.

Black Cat has previously provided media training to senior industry figures in the rail industry, healthcare and manufacturing.

The exercise was based on a fictional NATO peacekeeping exercise in the Middle East including warring countries and a high level of terrorist activity.

It involved army and navy teams in Spain, Turkey and Italy along with the US Air Force base at Ramstein in Germany

Bowcock commented: “This was a fascinating exercise bringing together representatives from all 28 NATO countries in a demanding scenario with intensive media input. Working with a colleague, our role was to ensure that the needs of national and international were met by those involved. I have been impressed by the performance of participants in ensuring that NATO’s role and actions were clearly communicated through the media.”