Do you qualify for GBI?


The Grant for Business Investment (GBI) programme is calling for businesses interested in potential funding to check out the GBI website to see if they could be eligible for support.

The GBI Programme supports the start-up, expansion, modernisation and diversification of high growth, innovative, knowledge-base businesses – typically through supporting the acquisition of key assets such as buildings, plant and machinery – thereby creating jobs, increasing business productivity and raising skills levels.

Chris Pomfret, chair of the LEP and deputy chair of the Convergence Local Management Committee, which steers the Convergence programme, said: “GBI is a really exciting proposition; this is real business support which can provide high quality and well paid jobs within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Businesses should take the opportunity to take advantage of the GBI scheme so they can develop and innovate even during these harder economic times.”

The majority of jobs created are expected to be at NVQ Level 2 and above and to have annual salaries in excess of £20k.

The current GBI Programme has already created and safeguarded 134 jobs within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. GBI is currently supporting many more local businesses that are set to create and safeguard another 600 jobs during the lifetime of the Convergence Programme.

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