Middle Point at breaking point?


A local development company is in early discussions with the planning authority to fully remediate a heavily contaminated brownfield site in Falmouth.

Site layout
Artist’s impression of site layout

Middle Point is currently operating as a major oil tank storage facility, which it has done since the 1940s. However, the facility is nearing the end of its commercial use, and the tanks are failing. Their continuing operation has led to major contamination of the site and immediate environs.

Westcountry Land’s proposal would see 14 bespoke family homes built on the site, the development of which would pay the high cost of remediation, estimated to be up to £3.8M.

Industrial and commercial marine uses for the site have been explored but it is claimed these would not create enough revenue to pay for full scale remediation.

Westcountry Land director, Justin Dodge, said: “We don’t think people realise the serious underlying issues relating to this site.

“As a local person, I use the Carrick Roads regularly with my family and I was appalled to learn of the pollution of the water related to this facility. I am even more concerned that the pollution will continue after the closure of the facility, next year.

“Therefore I feel privileged to be able to put forward a long-term solution for this land which, in our opinion, will significantly improve the quality of the existing site and vitally, will provide full remediation.”

Dodge emphasizes, however that these are early days. “It is important to state that we have not submitted any planning application,” he said. “These are only preliminary proposals. We will conduct a formal public consultation and engage stakeholders before we submit any planning application.”