Helping to preserve heritage

Jeremy Gilbert

A Cornish company has signed up to help preserve and promote the Duchy’s treasured heritage.

St Justin, based at Long Rock near Penzance, has joined Cornwall Heritage Trust’s new Heritage Friends scheme, to support the charity’s work.

Operating from Krowji in Redruth, Cornwall Heritage Trust was founded in 1985 and manages some of the most iconic heritage sites throughout Cornwall, as well as providing transport grants for schools and bursaries for heritage projects.

Jeremy Gilbert, owner of St Justin, is delighted to support the charity.

“As a company with very strong Cornish roots, I feel passionately about the work of Cornwall Heritage Trust,” he said.

“I am delighted to be able to support their work as our ‘Cornish Made’ jewellery and gift-ware made from silver, bronze, pewter and tin are designed and made in Cornwall, inspired by the local environment.

“Our businesses is located just 400 metres from the beach and as a result St Justin draws its inspiration from the sea, sand, wildlife and azure blue colours that Cornwall is famous for. The local environment is very important for us, as well as our Cornish heritage, so a partnership with Cornwall Heritage Trust is the perfect fit.”

Cathy Woolcock, CEO of Cornwall Heritage Trust, added: “Our Heritage Friends scheme for businesses to support our work is quite new but being very well received.

“We wanted to engage corporate supporters to help fund our work, whilst giving them marketing benefits in return. Our aim is that our partnerships are a win-win for both sides and we have found a great deal of synergy with St Justin. The company has already made various promotional items for us and we are delighted that a company that we are utilising is supporting us in return. It is a partnership that benefits everyone.”