Camel Valley boosts charity

L-R: Bob Lindo, Susie Croft and Clio Collar who leads the guided tours that have raised the donation
L-R: Bob Lindo, the charity’s head of income generation Susie Croft, and Clio Collar who leads the guided tours that have raised the donation

The Duchy’s largest vineyard, Camel Valley, has given £1650 to Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The latest donation takes the wine-maker’s support to more than £15k over the past eight years. The funds are raised by asking visitors to upgrade their wine tour for an extra £1 per person which goes to the air ambulance service.

The Lindo family, which owns the vineyard, has a particular reason for supporting Cornwall Air Ambulance. Bob and Annie’s daughter Esther was airlifted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital nine years ago after a riding accident. She was unconscious and suffered a broken vertebra in her spine but made a full recovery.

Bob Lindo said: “There are two sorts of people – those who have needed the air ambulance and those who might need it in the future. The fact that Esther is still walking is thanks to Cornwall Air Ambulance. Understandably, the charity is one that’s particularly close to our hearts.”

It costs around £190 per hour in fuel to keep the air ambulance helicopter flying and the service costs £3 million each year to fund. With no national lottery funding or direct government funding for running costs, the charity relies on the generosity of the people and businesses of Cornwall to maintain the emergency service.