Business Cornwall’s Morveth Ward was this month invited to Tresco to see what the island has to offer.

This illustrious island is one of the most stunning places in the UK and the experience is second to none.

Tresco entirely detaches you from the real world.  Material things are all of a sudden less important. That said, anyone who has travelled to Scilly will know that Tresco is full of luxuries: the holiday cottages are majestic; the spa and pool facilities are of top standard; the food at the Ruin Beach Café is delightful (and stunningly positioned).

But, however nice these are, the primary draw to the island for me is its natural beauty,  and even the man-made additions cleverly just allow you to make the most of these beautiful surroundings and really enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Situated just thirty miles of the coast of Cornwall, The Isles of Scilly have been famously exposed to the north Atlantic ocean; which typically shapes the coastal landscape in a way which makes it easily identifiable– the power of the waves and swells grind down the stone creating fine grain sand, sweeping beaches and a generally dramatic picture.

Most of the Scilly’s islands do profoundly reflect this however Tresco as the central island is the exception, having been sheltered and sculpted more softly than the neighboring isles.

The white sand beaches and turquoise waters, resembles a Caribbean island more than a sight you’d expect to see in the British Isles.  And I’m pretty sure this opinion of mine isn’t gleaned from provinciality and delusion, rather its universally recognised by anyone who has been here.

With modern lives often hectic, many of us have particular places we choose to escape to when we need to think – typically places which allow for uninterruptable and awakening contemplation, whether this is as a positive source of inspiration or to clear an encumbered mind. Every square inch of Tresco allows for these unique thought processes – it is truly enlightening.

It takes your mind away from the real world and to a place where you are untouchable, both mentally and physically. This is paradise on earth. There’s nowhere like this that surpasses beauty on a visual level and extends to the overall character of the island.

The level of service you get is outstanding and once again Tresco Estates executes this perfectly– the welcoming staff are always on hand but do not pester.


Most of the accommodation is self-catering and my partner and I stayed in one of the Sea Garden cottages which had truly unparalleled views and incredible position. The cottage was over two floors with a glass fronted living area on the ground floor with access to the garden which sat just metres from the sea.

Upstairs the bedroom was also glass fronted leading to a balcony. Not shutting the curtains and waking up to a glorious sunrise and glistening seas between the collection of characterful islands is categorically the best way of waking up I’ve experienced.

Stepping out on to the balcony is an all-encompassing affair – I brought a couple of books with me on this trip and the only thing they did was gather dust! I’m an awfully restless person yet here I was able to sit in silence just gazing out to sea between the rock formations and be deeply content in doing so.

Being a small island, everywhere is within walking distance or, as we chose, bike. And there’s plenty to do here, aside from drowning in the beauty. I must say that although I was expecting the island to be beautiful, I did think (as a 26 year old) that it would attract mostly over 50’s and some younger family’s looking for a quieter break.

However, I learnt there’s a great time to be had on Tresco at any age. Certainly not a ‘lads on tour’ location but it’s a beautiful place where you can have loads of fun and then even perhaps a rewarding drink at the New Inn or Ruin Beach Café.

Ruin Beach Cafe
Ruin Beach Cafe

Tresco is, in fact, a family-run business. Robert Dorrien-Smith leases Tresco Island from the Royals (Prince Charles keenly visits the island). The Dorrien-Smith family still live in Tresco Abbey and all the properties and businesses on Tresco are owned and managed by the Tresco Estate. The beauty of the island alone hasn’t solely made the success of the Tresco Estates, its also been achieved by a dedicated team.

Tom Matthews
Tom Matthews

I met with Tresco marketing assistant (and also winner of young business person of the year at this year’s Cornwall Business Awards) Tom Matthews who lives and works on Tresco. He commented: “Many businesses attempt to create a family atmosphere among their workforce (with varying degrees of success) but on Tresco that feeling is just there, organically.

“Virtually everyone who lives on Tresco works on the island in one way or another, so you quickly get to know everybody, and everyone just mucks in and helps each other out – both in and out of work.

“I think the unique atmosphere among the team is borne out of a wonderful combination of the self-sufficient nature of an island community and a tight-knit workforce who all share a genuine passion for this beautiful place.”

Holidaying on the Scillys (or pretty much anywhere in the UK for that matter) is often seen as a risk because of the weather, and why take the risk when you can travel to a vast range of foreign countries cheaply and have guaranteed nice weather.

Often we have to book our holidays in advance and therefore have no control over the somewhat impetuous British weather. This is a notion that needs to be (mostly) dispelled. As long as you can get over to the islands there is really no need worry about the weather.

The changing weathers create different, yet equally enjoyable experiences. Whether you’re basically lapping up the sun on the white sand beaches or going for a life affirming walk in a battling winter storm.

I can honestly say that staying on Tresco was one of the most welcomed and enjoyable breaks I’ve ever had. I for one will be heading back again.