Pelt this man with jelly


Communications agency, MPAD, has launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign in an attempt to raise cash for local charity the Cornwall Blind Association.

Pelt this man with jelly for just £50
Pelt this man with jelly for just £50

“Resident minor z-list personality” Nigel Barker has put himself on the chopping block with the opportunity for local supporters to pledge £50 to pelt the former Atlantic FM presenter with jelly.

Barker said: “I can think of at least six people who would like to throw jelly and worse at me, and there are doubtless plenty more out there so come on, show me what you’ve got.

“In the words of those two visionaries of the radio craft, it’s all for cheriddy mate.”

The appeal comes after the Cornwall Blind Association’s annual Take 50 Challenge where the 160 year old charity gives £50 to a number of local businesses, setting them the grand task of transforming it into £500 in 50 days.

However, MPAD is setting itself the even greater challenge of changing £50 into £2k using the Newquay-based crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder.

MPAD’s MD, Rachel Picken, said: “Currently Cornwall Blind Association is the only local charity that provides support for visually impaired people.

“Which means the services provided by the charity are critical to the 19,000 people in Cornwall living with sight loss.”

The pressure is on for the team at MPAD after cuts made by Cornwall Council means that the Cornwall Blind Association is now £32k short on its funding.

The money raised by the campaign will go solely towards the services providing emotional and practical support in the form of counselling and talking support.

To pledge or find out more information on the campaign, click here.