FS Media aids ShelterBox


Truro-based marketing and events company FS Media has joined up with Cornish charity ShelterBox to assist with promoting corporate relationships on its behalf within the county.

Anna Betts, of ShelterBox, said: “Fundraising and promoting what we do are central to our work. We aim to respond to disasters as quickly as possible and that means being prepared and having stock ready in advance. To do this we need ongoing support from our donors.

“FS Media have kindly offered to help us spread the word to corporate companies in Cornwall that we need their support year-round not just when disaster strikes.”

Abi Lutey from FS Media added: “We are thrilled to be able to help open doors for ShelterBox. We have a vast amount of business contacts around the region – many of whom finding allocating their charitable spend a daunting experience. We understand that a business needs to appreciate a reciprocal relationship with its chosen charity in terms of recognition for its assistance in the main.”