Industry recognition for AddAir

Vanda Jones from the British Compressed Air Society presenting a 15-year membership award to Andrew and Joy Geake

Pool-based air compressor supplier, AddAir, has been recognised for its service to the industry.

Vanda Jones, executive director of the British Compressed Air Society, recently presented AddAir founder Andrew Geake, with his 15-year membership award.

“Many of our customers are totally dependent on compressed air to maintain production, so we have always offered a genuine 24/7 breakdown service,” Geake said.

AddAir has been serving local industry for over 30 years by suppling, installing and servicing compressed air equipment.

It can also help customers stay legally compliant by writing Written Schemes of Examination as required by the pressure system regulations and carry out the necessary inspections.

AddAir works with customers large and small. Its largest order was for four 340 horsepower compressors, while it also deals with the smallest for dentistry, operating sewing machines and milking parlours. Equipment and control systems have been exported all over the world by local customers. “One of the interesting things is the wide range of activities of our customers and it has been a great pleasure watching and helping our customers grow,” Geake added.

Because some systems also include refrigerants, the company has recently expanded its skills and is now qualified to work on refrigeration and air conditioning systems.