Radix Communications has been shortlisted at the international B2B Marketing Awards, for ‘Best Use of Creative’.

The Penryn-based copywriting agency, which specialises in business-to-business technology marketing, received the nomination for its work on ‘Funnel!’ – the world’s first board game about content marketing.

The game has helped Radix gain the attention of key marketers and agencies across the UK and beyond. In the last few weeks alone, the company has completed projects for Xerox, Nokia and DHL.

“In a world of corporate lanyards and branded ballpoints, we wanted to create a different kind of giveaway to raise awareness of our B2B copywriting services,” says Fiona Campbell-Howes, managing director of Radix.

“Something that was not only fun, original and worth keeping, but also demonstrated our knowledge of the industry sector.”

Armed with an unusual assortment of skills, ranging from graphic design to tabletop gaming, the team at Radix worked on Funnel! for over a year, moulding a polished board game out of a cloud of big ideas and a hand-drawn cardboard prototype.

The game is based on one of the enduring metaphors of the marketing industry. It’s the idea that customers progress through a kind of funnel, from the moment they become aware of a brand to the moment they decide to buy something.

In Radix’s Funnel! game, players create marketing campaigns that move prospective customers through the funnel. They’re tasked with building a team from a deck of marketing talent and navigating unique events that can throw carefully co-ordinated strategies into chaos.

Players can focus on creating their own campaigns, or on derailing rival players through subtle sabotage.

The 2016 B2B Marketing Awards ceremony will be held in London on November 24.