Una Group go green


The Una Group, based in Estover, has recently completed a project to install the largest amount of solar panels at any one building in Plymouth. The 1,000 solar panels that cover an area in excess of 100,000 sq ft and took 2 weeks to install with an 11 man workforce. This is the largest roof system that Hive Energy Ltd has ever installed. The solar panels, which cost around £400,000, will create 267,000KwH per year for The Una Group which will be enough power for Airport Business Centre’s and Eaton Business Park’s daylight power usage.

The Una Group embarked on this project as a cost-effective way to generate green energy for their businesses. David Young, Managing Director said

“We are delighted to have been able to support this large solar project because environmental concerns rate highly with all of our businesses. This is a long term commitment to providing sustainable energy to two of our major business sites.”

The green energy produced by the 100 ton weight of the solar panels, is more than enough to run the whole site within Airport Business Centre. One of the main energy consuming businesses located within Airport Business Centre is Stem Group, an IT support and services provider who run an in-house data centre containing a large number of servers 24/7.

Not only will the energy created reduce the businesses carbon footprint, it will also facilitate in reaching Plymouth’s mission of having reduced their carbon footprint by 20% by 2013. This gives the project a two way benefit for both the City Council and The Una Group.