Harbour House opening next month

Harbour House owner Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson, one of the UK’s first chefs to have attained a green Michelin star, has announced his new Cornish outpost – Harbour House – will be opening in late June.

Set on the waterfront in Flushing, Harbour House will be a pub that is dedicated to creating and achieving “new levels of hyper-sustainability” in the hospitality industry.

Robinson, who for that past few years has run the New Yard Restaurant, with his wife Caroline, on the Lizard Peninsula, said: “I can’t wait to throw open the doors of Harbour House, and to bring all of our learnings with us to this utterly idyllic, shoreline pub setting.

“We’ll be using produce from the top of the hill in Flushing, seafood harvested right outside the front door and imports delivered by sail boat. By allowing forward thinking farmers from Cornwall to dictate my menus, I will be honouring how previous generations sourced and traded ingredients from this very location.”

He added: “‘Sustainable’ is an umbrella term that perhaps isn’t policed as much as it should be. But for me and my team, true sustainability is our daily graft and craft, and it’s evident in every ingredient, and every single decision we make as a business.

“We will be deeply applying ourselves from the minute we open the doors in late June, ensuring Harbour House is at the forefront of the industry for years to come.”