Cornwall Marine Network is set to provide a lead on some of the key priorities for new green skills for green jobs identified in the Maritime Skills Commission position paper.

The paper sets out the key findings from the first evidence-based skills session in July 2021 and how the Maritime Skills Commission defines ‘green’ in reference to green skills and green jobs.

The evidence-based session found that demand for green jobs is expected to be considerable, with some 1.7 million additional jobs to be required by 2030, a 400% increase.

The Maritime Skills Commission has a key role to play in championing the skills required for green jobs in the sector and facilitating the responses of both industry and education and training providers.

The paper sets out seven actions for the commission following the evidence-gathering sessions and independent report at COP26:

  1. Take ownership of the ‘skills to support green jobs’ agenda for the maritime sector by continuing to collaborate, learn, listen and work with key industry stakeholders.
  2. Support Maritime UK’s recommendation for a Green Skills tax credit.
  3. Work closely with Government, Research and Development institutions, and sector representatives to foster a favourable context for infrastructure investment, technology readiness and workforce development.
  4. Support the calls for Government-funded green-specific promotion of skills and jobs, along with wage subsidies for jobs contributing to the green transition.
  5. Support organisations to promote the diversity in green jobs in the maritime sector.
  6. Collaborate with Regional Maritime Clusters and intermediary organisations to develop local ownership of the skills agenda whilst the Commission monitors the development and deployment of skills for green jobs across the UK.
  7. Oversee the development and deployment of a comprehensive Matrix of Green jobs/skills in the sector.

In the coming days, the commission will go live with the recruitment of a dedicated sustainability skills manager with Cornwall Marine Network to assist delivery of the recommendations set out in the tasking letter and the actions from the position paper.

Cornwall Marine Network CEO, Paul Wickes, said: “Cornwall Marine Network has successfully won skills capacity building funding and we are currently recruiting a new green skills development team to be based in Falmouth to provide a lead on owning and implementing some of the key priorities for new green skills for green jobs identified in the Maritime Skills Commission position paper.

“Green qualifications and training curriculum will be developed and piloted with south west businesses prior to national roll-out over the next two years. The team at CMN are delighted to be supporting MSC and will work closely with our Regional Cluster Council colleagues to create the green skills needed for maritime businesses.”



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