Coaching playing a vital role


Online coaching from Oxford Innovation Cornwall is playing a vital role for businesses in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as they come to terms with the unprecedented challenges associated with the Covid-19 crisis.

With a team of 16 experienced business coaches across a wide variety of sectors, the programme is able to offer expertise tailored around the specific issues faced by each individual client.

Indeed, some clients have expressed that engagement with Oxford Innovation Cornwall coaches before the current pandemic has put them in the strongest possible situation to tackle current challenges head-on.

“What has probably been the best support is the work that we did with Oxford Innovation last summer on strategic planning, disaster management and also the in-depth review of our costings and key areas of the business we did early January 2020 with Lynda Clark,” said Sarah Hudson, co-owner of St Agnes Bakery.

“We feel that this has made us think ahead and plan various scenarios of what the possible effects of Covid-19 could be to our business and how we could mitigate them.

“I think this has given us the confidence to act quickly and decisively as we could visualise easily how the bakery could be scaled back to the bare bones in order to remain viable and were able to work out very quickly our minimum costings, production schedules, turnover, etc.

“We strongly feel that the work we’ve done [with Oxford Innovation] has helped us remain calm, fairly level-headed and not afraid to make some very tough decisions.”

Coaching activities continue during the current lockdown via video conferencing and over the phone. Business leaders who feel they would benefit from a conversation with an Oxford Innovation coach can express their interest by filling in the contact form on the website.

Oxford Innovation Cornwall is fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund, meaning that the coaching on offer is available at no cost to eligible businesses.