Launceston Community Development Trust has teamed up with Jess Chu from Maddielili Photography to capture family doorstep portraits during the current lockdown to mark this time in history.

The photographs will be featured in the new Launceston in Lockdown book to be published by the Trust in the Autumn, and families will receive a free image to use on social media and have the chance to purchase prints afterwards, of which the profits will go to charity.

The idea was formed when Chu heard of a photographer doing something similar in London and broached the idea with Ellie Mason from Launceston (Cornwall) CIC who is leading Launceston Community Development Trust’s localised community engagement.

The Launceston in Lockdown book will be a collection of photographs, artwork, poems, letters, recipes, records of special moments and blog pieces from all ages, all abilities and from all over Launceston and surrounding parishes. It will be to remember this momentous time in our lives, and to celebrate how the community pulled together to support each other during what was a period of crisis.

If you are interested in booking your family doorstep portrait and getting a free copy of the image please contact Jess Chu on Email: or Facebook @maddieliliphotography or if you would like to submit any other form of memory for Launceston in Lockdown please contact Ellie on 07800 513221, or email