Penvose Village: Decision imminent


The team behind a proposed student village that will tackle housing and parking issues in Falmouth and Penryn are urging the public to write to local councillors.

Developers from 2,000-bed Penvose Student Village are encouraging people to help them make a final push before a decision on the development is made.

The site is due to go before Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee on Thursday, December 21.

The team has already been in touch with local groups in Falmouth to help provide them with information to ensure the councillors are fully briefed.

A spokesperson for Penvose Student Village said: “It is normal for developers to work closely with all organisations that have a stake in their local area.

“We are proud that we are the only student accommodation developer to repeatedly consult with local groups over the last year and taken the time to listen and really understand the concerns and issues. We have also reached out to other groups and individuals via numerous consultations.

“While these groups have been unable to support Penvose Student Village publicly, we know members have come forward to support our scheme as the only viable option. This is shown by the number of supporters we have on Cornwall Council’s planning portal.”

With the approval of Ocean Bowl and a decision on Fish Strand Hill, Rosslyn Hotel and Penwerris Coachworks imminent, the Penvose team has been approached for guidance on what else can be done to highlight the issues.

The spokesperson added:  “As the majority of the Council’s strategic planning committee are based outside Falmouth and Penryn, there is concern amongst the local community that the representatives may not be fully aware of all the facts.

“In order to do this we have helped highlight the main facts, which have been reported publicly, as well as the issues that people have been coming to us about.

“In this instance, it took the form of a proposed letter to send to local groups and organisations. The final decision on whether to amend or pass on to members has always been in their hands and we trust them to make the right choice.

“The public also trust that local councillors will be fully informed on all major developments and able to make a decision based on facts, however, we know that time constraints can impact on this.

“This is why it is vital for members of the public to contact each councillor on the strategic planning committee and let them know what is really happening in this area, the concerns they have and what they want the council to do.

“And if people want our help to do that, then we are more than happy to oblige.”

Template letters can be downloaded from and sent to Cornwall Council’s strategic planning committee by Wednesday, December 20.