Prag na wrewgh kewsel Kernewek?


As Poldark puts Cornwall’s mining heritage back on our TV screens – everyone’s being encouraged to lap up another bit of the culture.

A week of events is being held to make the Cornish language accessible to all – whatever their ability. People can try some Kernewek by going to an event where the Celtic tongue is being used, design a poster or a meme, make a film or take a photo using it.

Speak Cornish Week (June 23-July 2) is a chance to highlight all things Cornish. The programme of events includes bus trips, cream teas, train rides, outdoor conversation events, children’s activities and more – and there is still time to register an event if you would like to organise something yourself. Contact

The theme for this year is ‘Prag Na? Why not?’ and organisers are inviting people to say what they would like to do by telling them in Cornish, via a video, on a poster, in a photo etc etc.

Prag na wrewgh mordardha (Why not go surfing?)  Prag na wrewgh restra kevewi? (Why not have a party?) Prag na wrewgh dybri dehen Kernewek? (Why not eat Cornish cream?) Prag na wrewgh kewsel Kernewek? (Why not speak Cornish?). You will find suggestions on the Speak Cornish Week Facebook page or on Twitter.

Then post your suggestions on social media with the hashtag #speakcornish and share away. If you need more translations, the Cornish Language Office would be glad to help.


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