The University of Plymouth is searching for the south west’s most exciting new business ventures to join the GAIN20. This exclusive network helps dynamic businesses from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to learn from one another and grow.

Selected by an expert panel, the members will be pioneering entrepreneurs with unique products or services and innovative problem solving skills. By supporting the most promising new business ventures, the GAIN20 aims to boost innovation and entrepreneurship across the region.

Members are invited join the exclusive network by the GAIN team at the University of Plymouth, PKF Francis Clark and Bright Solicitors. They will receive a 12-month package of support and opportunities including working with the University of Plymouth’s students, and tapping into its research opportunities and world-class facilities. Benefits also include attending networking and business events, and accessing advice and expertise from one of the region’s leading independent firm of accountants, PKF Francis Clark, and law firm Bright Solicitors.

University of Plymouth corporate projects manager, Rich Adams, said: “The GAIN20 has proved that it can give businesses access to real experience and knowledge that you just can’t get online. It’s been great to see how the businesses have learned from one another and come up with solutions together. Great professional relationships and friendships have been formed.

“We are now searching for new businesses to join the network. We want to hear from the game-changers, the innovators, the creative thinkers. These are the businesses of the future and we are proud to be supporting them on their journey.”