Green investment opportunity


Renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy, is proposing to offer people living in Cornwall the chance to invest in its Big Field Wind Farm scheme.

Juliet Davenport
Juliet Davenport

The Big Field Wind Farm is an 11-wind turbine project, situated near Week St Mary in north Cornwall. Plans have been submitted to the council and are now open to public comment.

The company has announced that it would like to issue a local version of the Good Energy Bonds, which were released last year. The new scheme would be open to anyone living in Cornwall, with preferential rates for those living closest to the proposed wind farm site.

If the planned wind farm is given the green-light, individuals will be able to make an initial investment from £50, with the opportunity to receive a competitive annual rate of interest.

Juliet Davenport OBE, founder and chief executive of Good Energy, said: “The Big Field Wind Farm can provide a lasting positive legacy for the environment and the local community, and we are proud to put our name to it. There is already huge support for renewables in Cornwall and we want people to really get behind our new project – investing gives people a real stake in their own energy future.”


  1. Cornwall has already reached its target for renewable energy!
    If we have to have wind farms they should be placed at sea, not destroying our environment.
    The same applies to solar farms, they should be placed on the tops of buildings, fields are for producing crops or grazing animals.
    Again this is devastating our countryside and disrupting wildlife.

  2. Regarding the proposals by Good Energy to launch bonds: there is very strong local opposition to the Big Field Wind Farm as evidenced by the number of objections registered on the planning application. At the recent open meeting organised by Cornwall Council 95% of attendees were against the proposal. Exit polls taken at the 2 ‘public consultations’ held by Good Energy consistently showed 95% – 97% against the proposal. All local parish councils have registered objections – indeed some parish councils not invited to comment as consultees have objected. A neighbouring council has raised serious concerns. Other consultees have registered serious concerns too. Individuals considering this financial involvement – apart from taking advice from a financial advisor – should also visit the Cornwall Council planning website and examine all documents (public and consultee).It would seem a trifle premature of Good Energy to launch bonds before a decision has been reached. Or indeed for anyone to commit funds.

  3. Sirs,
    Green Investment Opportunity 12.18 6th June 2014

    With reference to the proposals by Good Energy to launch bonds. I believe it is important that all those who would consider this should be made fully aware of the very strong local opposition to the Big Field Turbine development.

    It would be premature for anyone to commit to this at the present time and it would seem that this is another ploy by Good Energy to overcome local views.
    Any person considering this should go to the Cornwall Council Planning website where they will be able to examine documents against the proposal.

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