Pendennis to lead energy project


Funding has been approved for the development in Cornwall of a hybrid energy system for marine vessels.

The High Efficiency Marine Energy (HEME) project will be led by Pendennis Shipyard alongside a group of members of the company’s supply chain; Energy Solutions, Bruntons Propellers and Triskel Marine Ltd.

The project will develop a “highly optimised” hybrid energy system for marine vessels utilising innovative high capacity energy storage, with the aim of reducing overall fuel consumption.

It received the green light after a successful funding bid to the Technology Strategy Board, an innovation agency supporting the development of new products and services and helping to bring them closer to market.

Toby Allies, sales and marketing director at Pendennis, commented: “The Technology Strategy Board has provided an opportunity for an experienced collaborative group to deliver results that no single company could achieve.

“The HEME project team members are all working towards a common goal, and we are very excited to be a part of such an innovative partnership.”