Say hello to Mr Bumbler


Local human resources firm Sapience HR is starting the New Year with a bang by letting its cartoon creation, Mr Bumbler, loose on the business community via Business Cornwall magazine.

Mr Bumbler
Mr Bumbler

The company has been working with renowned cartoonist Nick Brennan of Dandy and Beano fame for some time now and has decided to publish its Mr Bumbler comic strip for everyone to see.

The strip will run in Business Cornwall from February and readers will be able to follow the exploits of the character in various HR related disasters.

Amanda Lee from Sapience HR said: “Mr Bumbler is our ‘mis’ manager who tries his hardest with staff, but just seems to keep getting it wrong! He makes his HR decisions with the best of intentions and is very well meaning but he doesn’t always think through the consequences or appreciate where he is tripping over some detail of employment law or good HR practice.”

Mr Bumbler features regularly in the Sapience HR online newsletter and marketing material. However, this will be the first time that he will be shown off in print for everyone to follow.

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