Sharing mining knowledge


One of the Cornwall’s leading authorities on mining is launching a new service to spread the expertise accumulated through centuries of Cornish mining, across the UK.

Mining Searches UK, based in Redruth, has been launched by Cornwall Mining Services, to enable people from across Britain to find out about former mining activity beneath a home they may intend to buy.

Mining Search UK’s Brian Poole (principal geologist) and Natalie Ingerson (geologist)

The new service uses a state-of-the-art computer system known as a geographical information service (GIS), to deliver the most accurate information available.

Mining Searches UK MD Paul Raglan explained: “Our mining search reports indentify any indicated risks associated with past mining or quarrying activities, ideal for land and property purchase or sale. It’s a fast, efficient and concise professional opinion to assist with property purchase, acquisition or development.

“With the heritage of Cornish mining excellence known around the world, we feel it’s great that a Cornish company is now making its mark on a national scale through using cutting-edge technology with the knowledge accumulated over hundreds of years by our forefathers. As a Redruth business, we’re spreading our wings and working hard to attract business in from all over the United Kingdom,” he added.