The seven deadly sins


Having an affair with a colleague is something that newly-appointed bosses should avoid at all costs, says a new report published today.

Leadership performance company First100 has compiled its list of ‘seven deadly business sins’ for new managers, and puts office dalliances as the top ‘no-no’.

Other faux-pas for to be avoided include referring to “how we did things in my old company”; and making decisions just for the sake of being decisive.

The seven deadly sins for new bosses:

  1. Don’t sleep with a colleague (unless you are married or in a relationship with them!)
  2. Don’t keep referring to “how we did things in my old company”
  3. Avoid too many introductory meetings which you can’t follow up
  4. Don’t make decisions just for the sake of being decisive
  5. Don’t avoid sacking someone in the hope they’ll work out – they rarely do
  6. Don’t avoid playing the political game – everyone else is at it
  7. Avoid telling staff you’re going to spend your first 3 months asking questions

First100’s Garrett O’Keeffe said: “The first 100 days in a new role are important in so many ways. Get off to a good start and a boss can set the tone for the rest of their time at an organisation, but equally the opposite applies.”



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