Solar supplier FiTs the bill

Richard Bicknell

A local solar supplier is reporting £70k in electricity savings and Feed in Tariff (FiT) income in its first year of business as an MCS-accredited installer.

Solar PV and thermal specialist Solcentric says it has made these savings for 50 Cornwall homeowners.

Solcentric owner Richard Bicknell claims it shows the potential of solar PV in Cornwall. He explained: “We’ve calculated that these Solar PV installations reduced the county’s carbon output by 78 tons. When we add these figures to the income and carbon savings generated from our solar thermal installations we expect the totals to be even higher.”

Feed-in tariffs remain at their current level until March 2012 and from July 2011 onwards Solcentric will be working with businesses to reduce their energy bills through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Like the Feed-in tariffs, the RHI pays businesses a return for installing heat-generating technologies such as solar thermal panels.