From Danish Pastry to Cornish Pasty


A Cornishman has taken on a nation famed for its baking ability by opening a successful Cornish Pasty shop in the home of the Danish Pastry.

Jason Mather partnered with Indian Queens-based Crantock Bakery to open the Cornish Pasty House in the Latin quarter of Copenhagen earlier this year.

The Cornish Pasty Shop in Copenhagen

Mather claims his is the first Cornish Pasty shop in Denmark: “I love pasties, and I was sure that the Danes would too. I have been delighted how the people of Copenhagen have taken to them.

“Denmark is famous for its bakeries but they mostly specialise in sweet products. I felt there was a gap in the market for a quality product and wanted to see how the Cornish Pasty fared against the Danish Pastry.”

Chris Ridge, Crantock’s export manager, added: “We export our products throughout Europe to countries such as France and Cyprus. We know that when people are living or are on holiday abroad they love a genuine hand crimped Cornish pasty made to a traditional recipe. We wish Jason the best of luck in the future and look forward to working with him further.”




  1. To be a true Cornish Pasty they must be prepared in Cornwall, not baked there. As I understand they are prepared in Indian Queens to the traditional recipe, and exported to Denmark, thus qualifying as true Cornish Pasties!

  2. Tut tut! Surely they can’t be Cornish Pasties if they are baked in Copenhagen!
    Not that it matters to me that much, but you can’t have it both ways: Cornish Pasties now have to be baked in Cornwall don’t they (and don’t get me started on the mince argument- no mince meat, not the one about to mince or not to mince)

    Is it Friday afternoon yet?
    Do I come here often?

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