Editor’s blog: why oh why oh why


The UK’s first £1k train fare was, well if not quite unveiled, then revealed, this month. Some chap, obviously with far too much time on his hands, discovered that it is possible to fork out £1002 for a first class return to the outer extremities of Scotland, if you just turn up on the day.

Not that anyone has actually paid this, of course, as most sensible people would book up in advance and pay half the price. Still, it provoked much “why oh why oh why” outrage from those who love to be outraged, and provided some great fodder for the London hacks.

My favourite report of the story had just the right modicum of irreverence. News satire at its best.

Meanwhile, much outrage as well this week over the comments made by Lord Sugar of Clacton – the Government’s Enterprise Tsar, not the second hand car salesman.

Lord Sugar of Clacton, the Government’s champion of small businesses, put the boot into, er, small businesses, dismissing struggling firms as bunch of moaners living in “Disney World”.

The Federation of Small Businesses was clearly unimpressed and has demanded his resignation. Perhaps Lord Sugar of Clacton should just concentrate on his TV career.

But finally some good news here – no more postal strikes this side of Christmas. A rare outbreak of reality from both sides of the fence, and a development that will be greeted positively by those in the business community, struggling or otherwise.

Just don’t let Lord Sugar of Clacton anywhere near the dispute; I’m not sure how his brand of tact would sit.


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