Cadgwith fishermen’s livlihoods in danger warns MP


Speaking after his visit to Cadgwith Cove on Friday, the West Cornwall MP, Andrew George, will call upon the Fisheries Minister to think again about an inshore fisheries regulation which could put many local ‘core’ fishermen out of business.

The under 10 metre regulation which implements a proposal launched a year ago is supposed to “solve the problems facing the fleet” according to the UK Fisheries Minister, Huw Irranca-Davies MP.  But George argues that it “creates new problems which weren’t there and solves nothing”.

The eight Cove fishing boats which launch from the beach at Cadgwith have had their livelihoods put in jeopardy.  Because of their size, the local fishermen can only operate within a few miles of the coast and therefore need to manage and protect their fishing ground so that the tradition, which goes back hundreds of years, can be maintained.

George said: “The Minister has failed to understand how the inshore fleet operates.  The traditional fishing communities like that at Cadgwith are very fragile.  This is the very activity which the Government should be encouraging – people making a living from local impact, sustainable and traditional fishing methods.  But instead, the Minister is implementing a plan which will favour the larger and more powerful boats which can steam out hundred miles or more and have a greater impact on the marine environment.

“I will invite the Minister down to meet fishermen in Cadgwith so that he fully understands why it is that the new regulation is not only ineffective, but is counterproductive,” said George.