Goldsworthy blasts housing plans


Camborne MP Julia Goldsworthy will meet Tregenna Residents’ Association on Thursday (March 12) to discuss their concerns over plans to build thousands of new houses in the town.

Goldsworthy was invited to meet the group following her long-running campaign against the centrally-imposed Regional Spatial Strategy, which has set the target for house building in the South West.

She said: “It is important that we address this issue now. It is ludicrous that an unaccountable, unelected regional quango is seeking to impose thousands of new houses in Camborne. New jobs need to be created alongside new homes – but the Regional Spatial Strategy completely fails to address this issue.

“Housing is an important issue here in Camborne, with many people struggling to find a home they can afford.

“But centrally-imposed house-building targets are not the way to resolve this problem. Local people know what their local community needs – in terms of housing and jobs, and their views should be heard and taken into account.

“We need a local solution to this problem. That means taking account of the views of existing residents in Camborne as well as those who are desperate for a home of their own. It also means freeing up Councils so that they can start building council homes again.

“Local solutions, not central control is the best way to tackle Cornwall’s housing crisis.”