Generating electricity from fixed-bottom wind farm projects has long been championed in the UK and continues to grow globally. Now, in the next wave of sustainable energy solutions, attention is turning to the future of these offshore giants: floating offshore wind.

Pushing wind farms into deeper waters, floating offshore wind taps into the powerful potential of oceanic winds. Creating an opportunity hitherto inaccessible, it places floating wind turbines – installed on floating platforms and stabilised with moorings and anchors – into waters previously considered unfeasible for development.

A passionate advocate for floating offshore wind, Penryn-based MintMech is at the centre of this developing industry, delivering safe, bespoke equipment and operational expertise.

Co-founder and director, Jack Berryman, says: “At MintMech, we are excited to be a part of this next step in offshore wind. In Cornwall, there is enormous potential to steer the development of this industry and pioneer technologies and solutions that will significantly improve the viability and efficiency of offshore operations.

Within the Government’s roadmap to offshore wind, set out in the British Energy Security Strategy 2022, it highlights the need for initiatives to support infrastructure investment, supply chain capabilities and export opportunities to back the UK’s transition to green energy.

With so much industry already existing within the county, we have always been aware of what we are capable of delivering and achieving with the right backing. There are ambitious targets, but we have the knowledge and expertise here within the county to help meet demands.”

As well as reducing the UK’s carbon footprint, Jack believes the advantages of floating offshore wind are manifold. “Within Cornwall, we expect to see industry developments support many engineering and fabrication professions. There is also the hope that floating wind farms could support marine recovery initiatives by creating protected areas of suspended reefs and distinct no-trawl zones.”

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