Environmental Week: Sustainable Printing


‘Consumers Perceive Paper And Pulp Has Less Impact On Forests Than Other Industries’: St Austell Printing Company Reflects On Two Sides’ Research Findings

According to Two Sides Europe’s ‘Trend Tracker Survey 2023,’ consumer perceptions about the impact of print on forests are changing. Consumers rated various industries’ forest impact, with paper and pulp ranking as least damaging when compared to others such as building and agriculture. This demonstrates that when sustainably managed, print remains an eco-friendly method of communication that resonates with consumers, even in a digital age.

To maximise the value of print, St Austell Printing Company’s Operations Manager Beth Mayman talks about their own sustainability mantra, and how to ensure your print continues to create a positive impact within the industry.

Here are Beth’s five top tips for effective, efficient and eco-friendly printing:


Weigh Up The Material

My first tip would be to embrace eco-friendly paper options like recycled or FSC-certified paper and choose vegetable-based inks where possible. At SAPC, we offer a huge range of finishing options that are all fully recyclable. Choosing green materials not only reduces your environmental footprint, but will also resonate with your eco-conscious customers.

Consider Quantity & Quality

Selecting the right quantity and paper size is crucial to reducing waste and costs. Printing jobs are consolidated on large sheets before trimming, so opting for sizes like A4/A5, B4/B5, or 210mm x 210mm maximises paper utilisation – and ultimately minimising sheet expenses.

Cut Down On Travel Miles

It’s essential to check the location of your print job to avoid additional transportation miles and potential delays. We take pride in handling all our printing and specialist finishing in-house, here in Cornwall, and you can even request a press pass to come and view your project being printed!

Prioritise Packaging Solutions

Take a look into how your print will be packaged and sent out to you – is the printer prioritising environmentally-friendly solutions? At SAPC we’re committed to sustainability throughout our operations, meaning reducing use of single-use plastics and embracing paper packaging to ensure a more responsible approach to our delivery options.

Examine Eco Credentials

When selecting a printing partner, it’s crucial to ensure their environmental principles align with your company’s values. We’re proud to be among the few carbon-balanced printers in the UK, offsetting our entire operational impact through the World Land Trust, which aids in safeguarding endangered species. But our dedication to sustainability extends beyond printing – our purpose-built factory is BREEAM Excellent rated, the highest sustainability rating for buildings, and is complete with our own renewable energy sources – solar for electricity and solar thermal for hot water. SAPC’s ambitious goal is to attain carbon neutrality by 2050, reflecting our comprehensive commitment to a greener future.

To learn more about St Austell Printing Company’s commitment to sustainability, visit their website.