“The best office view in Cornwall”


“The best office view in Cornwall” is how the man behind a £6.2 million pound development in St Austell describes the vista from his company’s soon-to-be new home.

St Austell Print Company’s managing director, and man behind the St Austell Business Park, Peter Moody, surveys ‘the best office view in Cornwall’

Peter Moody, managing director of St Austell Printing Company, is the driving force behind the new St Austell Business Park at Carclaze, which is due to be completed in October.

Located on the edge of the town and close to the Eden Project, the business park, which was enabled by investment from the European Regional Development Fund, will become the new home of St Austell Print Company, as well as providing 22 office and studio units for a mix of other businesses.

“Being the wrong side of 50 I should be thinking about retiring rather than working on a multi-million pound development project!” said Moody, who has been running St Austell Print Company for 30 years.

“But I’m not one to rest on my laurels and I want the company to continue to grow.

“Due to the size of our current premises in St Austell we’ve reached a limit so the time is right to expand. We didn’t find any other suitable space, so we took the decision to build our own new offices.

“My vision has been to construct the most sustainable, economical, high-quality building we can, with outstanding design and landscaping. Not a soulless industrial unit, but one with a heart. A place that is healthy, safe, productive and inspiring; a build we can all be proud of. Also, our roots are set deep in this town and we wanted to make a statement, to invest in its future.”

The business park was designed by Owen Beynon, director of Charlestown-based architects, Ala Architects.

He added: “At this point in time there aren’t many clients like Peter who have his aspirations to create a fantastic working environment for his team.

“The project has given us a real opportunity to push boundaries, as well as take reference and inspiration from the landscape, shapes and history of St Austell and the Clay Country.”

After the recent wet weather, the project is about four weeks behind schedule but with 60 people currently working at the park site agent,  civil engineering and building company, Dawnus, has set a completion date of early October.


  1. I’d have to say this is probably the best “vacant” office view. This one is not available: http://www.uknetweb.com/about-us/

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