Introducing: The Agile Communications Agency


Business name: The Agile Commmunications Agency

Office location: Newham, Truro

When was the business founded: 2016

How many employees: 2, plus associate team of 6 creatives to support our delivery

Business Cornwall: How is the business best described?

Led by Rachel Foster, we deliver Agile communications with impact for businesses, organisations and charities nationally. Our clients include world-leading University of Oxford, national brand Premier Inn and more locally, Truro Town Deal and Cornwall Rural Community Charity.

Our team combines excellence in PR, communications, design and digital marketing with Agile coaching and methodology for delivery.

Our fast growth is down to bringing in the right experts for each project, and we’re proud to have built a trusted network of partners and freelance suppliers. Rachel is particularly proud to bring in Cornwall-based suppliers for her flagship national clients.

Business Cornwall: Why was the business founded?

The business started out as Agile PR with Rachel working as an independent Chartered PR practitioner in 2016. She was working as a trainer for Chartered Institute of PR qualifications and training courses, as well as delivering strategic communications projects for universities and third sector organisations.

Rachel was looking to run an independent practice that was both rewarding and sustainable whilst raising a young family.

When 2020 hit, the order book was pretty full, so Rachel expanded her network of creative and freelance support to enable continuity of delivery whilst juggling pandemic pressures (the horrors of home learning!) Growth has been steady since then.

For 2023, we’ve had a name and brand refresh to reflect our breadth of service offer – we offer so much more than PR.

Business Cornwall: How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

We have built a reputation for supporting complex communications programmes – this could include AI for medical imaging, research in sustainable finance and investments or stakeholder engagement for developments such as Premier Inn in St Ives. We tend to shy away from consumer or product-based briefs unless there’s a clear community angle.

Rachel is in a unique position in terms of combining her experience and qualifications as both a chartered PR consultant and Agile coach.  This way of working has enabled Agile to work globally and nationally whilst maintaining a base in Cornwall.

Business Cornwall: What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

Further growth! We are closing on 40% growth this financial year, with plans for at least 50% growth for our year 2023/24. Charla Symons joined as Agency Manager in April and will be supporting with managing workflow and supporting the delivery team.

We will also be launching some new coaching and training services, including on-demand Agile communications training as well as structured programmes for comms and non-software teams to embrace Agile ways of working.

We started exploring B Corp Accreditation back in 2020, and we’re hopeful that 2023 is the year we make this happen.

Business Cornwall: How does the business define success?

Our mission is to embrace sustainability across three measures: mentally and physically for our team, financially and of course, environmentally.

We work smarter, not just harder. We do work hard, but in a way that uses energy and resources effectively and efficiently.

Mental and physical sustainability: We support our people to truly manage work life balance. Promoting and encouraging manageable working hours, being mindful of work communication outside of core working day and operating a four-day week.

Financial sustainability: Ensuring projects and the company as a whole remains profitable – not for the sake of chasing the bottom line, but to enable us to pay our people what they deserve. Freelancers command strong day rates, staff will earn equivalent of a South East/London wage.

Environmental sustainability: Measuring and managing the impact of delivering our services, making environmentally-informed decisions in how we run the business. We are hoping to achieve B Corp accreditation by 2023/24.