Embrace your ‘Awesomeness’


Two friends are sharing their unique, honest, and practical approach to succeeding at work and life in general at a series of free online workshops during February and March.

Rachel Picken, a chartered PR and strategic communications consultant and Claire Drakeley, an event professional and lecturer at the University of Northampton, created 80% Awesome which aims to provide fellow professionals permission not to stop striving to achieve perfection.

The pair realised that the Agile and Scrum concepts they applied to their respective day-to-day work also fitted perfectly to the challenges of real life – parenting, relationships, grief, friendships, organising the home and more.

The concept of 80% Awesome was born and the plan hatched to impart their knowledge to others through their engaging and thought-provoking training sessions. So far more than 100 people have attended courses in person and via Zoom.

Picken and Drakeley will share their tools and inspiration to help participants rediscover what brings them joy and energy in life and identify what is stopping them from reaching their full potential in all aspects of life.

Picken said: “It’s been an incredibly challenging couple of years for so many people. With these workshops, we want to support people to take a step back and review what brings them joy and energy in their lives, what to focus on and what to let go of.

“We’re also carrying out some research about how our tools can help people and have a positive impact on wellbeing. We hope to get plenty of people along to explore their Awesome potential.”

The forthcoming free to attend workshops are available to book and take place on Saturday February 19, Monday 21 and Friday 25 and Wednesday March 2.

To book free places, click here.