Eighteen percent of Hertzian’s workforce is made up of Truro and Penwith College Apprentices, with a staggering 36% having studied an Apprenticeship with Hertzian at some stage of their career and every Apprentice ever employed progressing to a full-time permanent role.

Recognised by the UK Government as one of the country’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies, Hertzian provides outstanding opportunities for Apprentices in Marketing and Software Development to gain valuable experience working with clients such as the NHS, Warner Brothers and Riot Games.

Marketing Apprentice Ethan Walker was one of two Truro and Penwith College Apprentices from Hertzian to be recognised at the 2022 Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards.

Christopher Weavill, Chief Executive and Co-Founder at Hertzian, said: “Hiring Apprentices has been pivotal for Hertzian’s growth. Ethan consistently surprises his peers and managers with his maturity and performance. He has recently been awarded our ‘Striving for Excellence’ award, one of only four awarded per year.”

In addition to marketing Hertzian, Ethan has made significant contributions to grow the business’s sub-brand ‘Player XP’, an online community analysis tool for video game developers.

Christopher continued: “Ethan’s contribution can be easily identified by the amount of marketing blog articles and client testimonials published by Hertzian and Player XP. Ethan continues to grow the brand and awareness. As the Chief Executive, I have the utmost confidence in his ability to release this marketing content.

“It is refreshing to work with a colleague and Apprentice who has the awareness to prepare for meetings, anticipate questions and generally operate with self-awareness and autonomy. Ethan’s performance has been so strong, that I have given him a project to lead, working with a video creator agency to develop and deliver a brand-new marketing video for Player XP.

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