Teagle Machinery Ltd.

Teagle has been working in partnership with Truro and Penwith College for over four years to deliver its Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeship programmes alongside Business Administration, with dozens of young people entering the business.

Duncan Wilson, Engineering Director at Teagle Machinery Ltd, commented: “Employing Apprentices is part of the ethos at Teagle, we are looking to increase the number we employ. It’s rewarding working with Apprentices because over time we see them become fully employed by the company, making it to supervisory roles. We need young people who have Engineering skills so it’s important that we are able to train them.”

Teagle is an example of an employer that not only values Apprenticeships for the skills gaps that they fill, but one that sees the benefits ripple across the business.

Duncan continued: “Having Apprentices within the business changes some of the dynamics; they start conversations about things that the older members of staff don’t necessarily interact with very much. Employing Apprentices makes Teagle a much better place to work.”

Apprentice Production Engineer Jack Robertson is an example of the Apprenticeship excellence the partnership between Teagle and Truro and Penwith College achieves. Jack won the Manufacturing and Engineering Apprentice of the Year award at the 2022 Cornwall Apprenticeship Awards after being Highly Commended in the same category in 2021.

Jack has become a key employee at Teagle, being selected to take part in lean initiatives due to his wealth of knowledge and covering the Plasma Shop Supervisor role, running the manufacturing unit, preparing and scheduling jobs, while dealing with day-to-day priorities and staffing.

“Working with Apprentices is very rewarding and it’s great to see Jack succeed”, comments Duncan; “we find Truro and Penwith College supports us practically on site and the new equipment and facilities it has satisfies all of our needs.”

Start your Apprenticeship employment journey at Truro and Penwith College’s Apprenticeships: Skills For Life Conference this National Apprenticeship Week